Why You Need a Holistic, Automated and Repurposed Business Strategy and Technology Plan

Ever notice the giddiness and happiness that comes from having your website complete, you finished an eBook and have it ready for the world to view or you finally completed a major portion of your marketing plan. Once you are done you feel like wow or like the movie where they say if you build it they will come. This is because you feel that the work is so good that others will come scrambling to see your work.Well if you been on the internet for any length of time, you know that does not happen. These days it’s getting harder than ever before to be able to get people to notice your business on the internet. Well without a solid business plan and strong web traffic you don’t have a business. When you start marketing, you will see some steps are tedious yet necessary. You will also lose motivation when times get tough.To get you and your business motivated and started on a positive note here are a few key principles to stimulate your creative juices.1. Holistic Solutions – Always thing beginning to end. Think through the definition which means to emphasize the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. So you should be concerned with wholes rather than the parts. When you develop a holistic plan, you immediately see the holes in some of these wonderful, great, but partial solutions. Develop a plan that encompasses your short and your long range goals.Develop a conceptual long-term plan before you start working or before you even write even one word of your first book. The facts are, your first business venture fails or is not perfect or you will never get rich from writing or selling one of those 19.95 E-books. So before you begin your day, your business, your first customer appointment, think about what is next and next after that. You will make much better operational and spending decisions which improve the longevity of the business model.2. Automation – Automate every step of the process that you can. Time is money so start thinking how you can remove the manual labor at every step of the process. Remember there are a ton of repetitive and tedious processes. Reviewing manual labor reduces boredom and helps improve your focus.When you automate your operational office environment, you have tools and resources working for you while you sleep. So there is nothing better then waking up to an email box full of headlines that say you got paid.3. Repurpose – Reduce, reuse and recycle may sound like a Go Green slogan but it should be applied to everything you create. Come up with as many different income streams as you can and decide how you will incorporate them in to your long range plan.Start with your first project or activity then think about how you will create the next step based on the output from the first step. If it is the creation of an article, think about a series of articles, which can become an ebook, which can become a video that can become a teleseminar, etc.When your success is mandatory now, then you need to think with the end in mind.